Josh McGuire

Josh McGuire has been drifting for about 5 years, for the 2016 Formula Drift Season Josh is running 1996 Nissan S14 chasis with a LS7 swapped drivetrain. Josh has noticed a big change in weight of the Konig Hypergram rersulting in quicker steering response and input. From Formula Drift Pro2 to the GridLife tour be sure to follow Enjuku Racing on the 2016 tour!

VEHICLE: LS7 Swapped Nissan S14
WHEELS: Hypergram


The Hypergram is a lightweight, 12-spoke design that is motorsport inspired in its construction, appearance and its ability to clear many big brake cars!  Hamilton / Enjuku Racing run these on their vehicles in 17×9 front and 18×9.5 rear!

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