Maxxim Chance

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Gloss Black W/ Machined Face & Lip

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  • The Maxxim Chance is a modern inspired mesh wheel design that is available in 15×6.5, 16×7 and 17×7 finished in Gloss Black with a Machine Face and Lip.

      • Sizing:

      • 15x6.5

      • 16x7

      • 17x7

      • Features:

        • 4-Lug
        • 5-Lug
        • Lightweight
        • Low Offsets
        • Flow Formed
        • Back Cut
        • Ball Cut
Maxxim Part# Size PCD Offset (mm) Finish Center Bore Construction Net Weight (lb)
** Weights are approximates and may vary. **
*** A Profile = Less concave, more caliper clearance. / B Profile = More concave, less caliper clearance (mostly used on rear). **


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