Wheel Finish Care

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Properly caring for your wheels finish

One of the most asked questions is what is the best way to care or clean a wheel. The answer is far less complicated then most would think. The answer is soap and warm water. The use of chemical cleaners often cause damage to the clear coat which is used on the wheels. This can result in pealing, flaking or burn spots. The use of special cleaners and wheels soaps should be viewed very carefully. Any soap, or cleaner that you put on your wheel may contain chemicals or some type of acidity to help remove dirt. This is why we only recommend a “safe” vehicle soap and warm water for wheel cleaning.

The best care for any wheel is to clean them often so that brake dust and other contaminants do not remain on the wheel for too long. Things like Brake dust overtime actually becomes acidic and corrosive itself. Others who experience winter weather driving, should be proactive in cleaning “road salt” off their wheels during the winter also. These chemical that they place on the roads to aid in snow melting and tire traction, “salt”, can be a few different chemicals. In either case it should be cleaned off your cars paint and wheels regularly during the winter to maintain a safe and proper finish. The best way to care for a wheel is to think of it like an extension of your vehicles paint. If you wouldn’t put it on your paint you shouldn’t put it on your wheel.

Another thing you may want to think about is the use of car wash cleaners. Next time your rolling through the car wash tell the car wash workers NOT to spray anything on your wheels. The chemicals they use are almost always acidic. Whenever possible try to avoid car washes and clean your vehicle the old fashion way.