Why aren’t there paint codes for wheels

Why aren’t there paint codes for wheels?

We do have paint codes. However, they won’t help you at all, here is why; ALL of our colors are custom blends. That’s because painting a wheel in mass production is very different than painting a part by hand. Our colors, every one, from matte blacks to wild candy colors, are custom developed to account for the unique color and the process that has to be used when finishing a wheel in a mass production setting. Timing, the amount of colors, drying time, temperature, moisture, etc, etc, all effect how similar each wheel looks compared to the one before it.

That’s why we don’t have paint codes that cross reference with a standard PPG, Valspar, BASF or other brand paint company color code.

Do if I need to touch up my wheel what do I do?

One thing you can do is go to any good body shop or good body supply shop and have them color match the paint. It should be very close to the same appearance and current color shade of your wheel. They have special tools called paint spectrometers that can help them to find a solid match for you.