Tightening Your Wheels

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Properly tightening your wheels

All wheels should be installed using a torque wrench. This ensures that the wheels are not too tight or too loose. Check your vehicle’s manual for correct settings. When you install wheels for the first time, you should re-torque the wheels after about 60 to 90 miles. Always refer to Owner’s Manual for proper factory specifications that take precedence over the listed recommendations.

Here are some basic starting numbers you can follow: 12mm = 70-80 ft. lbs, 7/16″ = 55-65ft. lbs, 1/2″ = 75-85ft. lbs, 14mm = 85-95ft. lbs, 9/16″ = 95-115ft. lbs, 5/8″ =135-145ft. lbs.

This torque should be applied in the correct pattern for the amount of studs of that particular vehicle.