M.A.T. Wheel Process

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M.A.T. Technology Wheel Process

Aluminum, the material used in the production of KÖNIG’s M.A.T. wheels possesses, licensed by Enkei is a very simple structure. However, within this structure lie unlimited possibilities. With incremental changes in areas such as material properties improvements, form research, design refinement, and manufacturing methods, the capabilities of the aluminum will be stretched further.

M.A.T. Original and Latest Process
A new manufacturing process has been developed to produce König’s next generation of light weight alloy wheels. The Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T.) combines a one-piece wheel casting technology with a rim forming technology called the spinning process. This new technology of casting and rim forming by the M.A.T. process is critical in improving drastically the material property and strength of the wheels.

Achieving Metal Flow in the rim part using M.A.T. Process
The M.A.T. Process has a drastic impact on the micro structure of aluminum and result in outstanding improvement of the mechanical property of the material. The process of spinning the rim allows the Metal Flow in the rim part, which resembles the properties obtained from forging process. The control of the metal flow in the rim section results in finer and more even aluminum structure.
Well balanced thinning rim thickness, weight reduction and anti-flex structure in high dimension by the M.A.T. process.

Following the demand for high performance trend every year, tires and wheels are getting larger year after year. In order to reduce weight under a vehicle’s suspension, it is important to reduce the weight of wheels. The M.A.T. process improves the mechanical property of the rim section by shaving the rim’s thickness and therefore reducing wheel weight. The latest manufacturing technology and wheel engineering is a direct feedback.

New Generation of Light-weight Wheels
The process to produce forged wheels and the material used to produce it have very high costs. Many end-users understand the benefits of owning forged wheels but they cannot afford it. König’s new generation of light-weight wheels, made with the M.A.T. process, achieves light weight, strong and anti-flex properties, while keeping the costs affordable to the end-user. The high performance properties and reasonable costs are definitely catching attention of enthusiasts and industry experts! Similar performance as forged wheels while keeping freedom of design using the M.A.T. manufacturing technology has added an exciting new dimension to performance wheels!

The weakest point of forged wheels is the fact that it limits the freedom of design. With years of experience developing light weight casted wheels, Konig has combined the high-tech casting with the new M.A.T. Process to develop an excellent product. König will develop new products with better performance, while removing the limitation of design found in forged wheels.

–Portions Courtesy of YHI