Installation Hardware and Accessories

Installation hardware and accessories

Wheel installation hardware, accessories and installation kits are not something that come with wheels. Those items should be ordered with / or supplied by your installer or retailer. There are so many different vehicles with many different factors. Things like different stud length, stud size, thread pitch, hub size, etc.

That is why those items can only be supplied at the point you’re able to inform your installer or retailer what vehicle you have. With this said, here are some basic things to keep in mind during your installation planning process.

1. All of our wheels are conical seat. Its very important to ensure whatever lug nut / lug bolt you’re using is conical “cone” seat. Improper selection of installation hardware could result in a wheel coming lose from the vehicle and causing damage, injury or worse.

2. While there are many different types of lug nuts / lug bolts, when available, we highly recommend using a tuner diameter, spline drive, conical seat lug nut / bolt. Especially if the wheel is tuner drilled or is going to be used primarily for a street application. These offer a small step of security (because they require a key) and they are also narrower and come with an adapter key. That key will help to ensure you can remove and install the lug nuts easier without scratching the lug holes of the wheel. Whatever hardware you decide to run, always ensure it is the correct hardware for your vehicle, our wheel, and your intended use.

3. We always recommend using hub-centric rings. Hub-centric rings are used as an alignment tool so when tightened the wheel is perfectly hub-centric to the vehicle going down the road. In some very few cases, such as many BMW wheels, we have made the wheel hub-centric. However this is something that should always be confirmed by your installer or with your retailer at the time of purchase.

4. *** This is super important! *** Always make sure whoever is installing your wheels completes a test fit of your wheels on the vehicle before mounting. This is a common practice amongst wheel and tire professionals, however it’s incredibly important! It can catch any mistakes in shipping, ensure brake caliper and vehicle clearance, and ensure the wheel is able to sit flat to the hub of the vehicle before install. This is also a great time to ensure you have the correct mounting / installation hardware to help ensure a smooth installation.

We always recommend having your wheels and tires installed by a qualified wheel and tire professional.

We hope that helps, if you have any other questions feel free to contact us via phone, email or social media!