Hypergram Red Opal Details

Hypergram Red Opal Details

red opal cap

The Red Opal finish that we use on the Red Hypergram is a custom candy paint finish. This is the first time we have developed and offered this type of finish. Painting any part in a multiple stage paint (candy) is more time consuming and technical. However we are not a body shop and we do not paint wheels by hand. Our wheels are finished on a state of the art paint line capable of mass production. Finishing the wheels on a paint line helps us ensure each wheel is extremely consistent to each other and has a reliable finish for you!

What is a Candy Color?
Candy colors are developed by laying down a base coat (usually silver or gold) and then layering a unique colored finish followed by a clear coat.  Now for a regular body shop this would pretty much be how they would arrive at a Candy Color, often refered to as a 3-stage paint (metallic base, color, clear).  

Why our Candy color process is different.

The short answer is because we have to have a candy color that is repeatable, consistent and possible on a mass production paint line.  There are many things that can effect painting on a paint line, and to arrive at our final candy color, we have developed a process that allows this to happen.  MASS production is different than painting a part by hand. Our colors, from matte blacks to wild candy colors, are custom developed to account for the unique color and the process that has to be used when finishing a wheel in a mass production setting. Timing, the amount of colors, drying time, temperature, moisture, etc etc all effect how similar each wheel looks compared to the one before it.

How exactly is your Red Opal finish process different?

We start out by using a powder coated primer and metallic silver base (That seals and protects the wheel).  Then we use multiple coats of a custom tinted hyper red finish, on to the outside of the wheel (the part that will be the most visible when installed on the vehicle) to arrive at the exact final color, its an extremely precise process to ensure a consistent color every time.  Then finally we add an additional protective clear coat.

The finish looks different from the back and inside of the wheel.

Yes… the lack of paint appearing on the inside barrel of the wheel and on the mounting pad is not a mistake, its intentional. 

If this was a regular single metallic paint color, having a painted barrel would not be too much of an issue. Or sometimes our base primer is close to the color of the wheel. However with all of the layers of color needed to arrive at the final product, painting the barrel would cause an undesirable buildup of paint on the windows of the wheels (sides around the spokes because of the multiple layers of paint needed to arrive at the final color). That is because the barrel would have to be painted first. Again, when this part of the wheel is mounted on a vehicle it should be very difficult to see.  We understand when taking the wheel out of the box you could expect it to have a continuous finish on the entire wheel, however this method we have chosen ensures a very reliable and consistent finish that will hold up to the elements.  We also understand that for some, especially those who have a lower offset wheel that will have a larger mounting pad (i.e. 18×9.5 et25), the stark contrast between the red face and the mounting pad may be more noticeable if you look closely.  

Here are some photos to help you make a decision.

We have been producing a quality product for well over 35 years now.  We understand that its hard to make decisions without seeing things sometimes.  More then anything else, we want all of our customers to become part of our family for a long time.  That only happens with trust and with our customers being happy.  So we have taken some detailed photos to try and show you how the barrel of the wheel will appear when you view it from rear of the wheel when looking at it closely.  

With that said, the front of the wheel and all visible areas are beautiful!  In this price range you will struggle to find a nicer finish.  Thank you for your continued support!