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Robbins & Koruworks run Konig in 17!

Konig is excited to announce their partnership with Koruworks and their driver this year, Alec Robbins. Their widebody 350z is incredible and Koruworks is a first class operation, make sure to check them out (info below)!

Alec got his start in motorsports at a young age.  Growing up, he spent much of his time with his father at car shows and other various motorsports events.  Having been riding snowmobiles, dirt bikes and four wheelers ever since he could reach the handlebars, Alec has always been at home with anything on wheels.  Having an itch for adrenaline, he has been into extreme sports as well and started racing motocross at the age of 14 where his hunger for competition and all out racing on the edge began.  Alec’s love for cars began to develop shortly after getting his drivers license. His parents gave him his first vehicle; a 1986 Nissan d21 truck.  The truck was a hand-me-down and was purchased by his dad in 1987. Throughout highschool Alec made it his own by lowering and adding a few small custom touches to the truck.

After high school, Alec continued his education and passion for cars and got a degree in automotive service at a local technical college.  It was in College that he discovered drifting and had to give it a try.  A Chevy v8 was sourced from a car behind a neighbors shed was dropped in the D21 truck, along with a welded diff and some minor suspension modifications. Alec attended some of his first drift events in 2013 and shortly after he started pushing harder and winning most of the local drift events he was attending.  All the while the truck was getting upgraded just as fast as Alec’s skills progressed.  Eventually a 400hp LS2 and t56 transmission found its way into his dads old truck.

In 2016 it was time to take the next step and Alec went out to drive in the Midwest Drift Union Pro-am series.  Having only driven a few tracks locally, the higher level of driving and new tracks were the main reasons for making the jump to pro-am.  Alec quickly made heads turn at round 1 by being the first and only truck in the pro-am series, and kept all eyes on him by qualifying 3rd and taking home a 4th place finish at out of a 40+ driver field!  Alec continued the high qualifying and was able to finish on the podium at the remaining 3 rounds making him the MDU season champion AND rookie of the year.

In 2017, Alec will take the next step up the ladder and make his debut as a Pro-2 rookie.  Alec was able to  join forces with Koruworks LLC and will be debuting their all new 350z. Sporting Konig Hypergrams, a Chevy crate LS3, Gforce transmission, Quick change rear end, Wisefab arms and knuckles with Fortune auto suspension, and a little extra help from Nitrous Express;  It is the recipe Alec needed to progress his driving to its highest level.

Back home Alec currently works for Metro Transit, as a mechanic on locomotives and passenger rail cars.  He is newly married to his wife Chelsea Robbins and has two children, Elliana and Ryder Robbins.  Alec spends most of his off time with his family or working on his cars in the shop.  They also enjoy going to local drift events, car cruises, and bracket drag races with their gear head in laws. To say the least, family and racing are what drives Alec to be the man he is today.

Alec Robbins and the Koruworks team run Konig Hypergrams in 18×9.5 et 25 all the way around in Race Bronze. Here the team’s contact info, make sure to follow them!

Koruworks: koruworks.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koruworks/
Alex Robbins Racing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alecrobbinsracing/