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New For 2018!

2018 New Konig Wheels!

For 2018 Konig is bringing out wheel additions to both their Flow Formed & Main Line wheel lines.  Check the new wheels out below for the full product specs & sizing on these NEW wheels from Konig!

New Wheel Additions

  • Konig Dekagram


  • Sizing & Specs

    The Dekagram is a lightweight, 10-spoke design that has been developed utilizing Flow Forming Technology to offer the benefits that are both functional and desired for track and street use.  The Dekagram has been developed to offer efficient brake cooling as well as exceptional brake caliper clearance.  The Dekagram offers widths up to 10.5″ wide, and is offered in 15×7.5, 15×8, 16×8, 17×8″, 17×9″, 18×8.5″, 18×9″, 18×9.5″, 18×10.5″, 19×8.5″, 19×9.5″, and 19×10.5″ and finished in a Semi-Matte Black finish.

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  • Konig Ampliform


  • Ampliform Sizing & Specs

    The Ampliform is our second flow formed offering for 2018.  The Ampliform is a mesh inspired design with face-forward styling. Finished in Dark Metallic Graphite and Gloss Bronze, the Ampliform is available in 17×8, 17×9, 18×8.5, 18×9.5 18×10, 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 19×10.5, 20×8.5, 20×9.5, 20×10, and 20×11. The Ampliform has fitment for many popular passenger vehicles including sport tuning and eurotuning vehicles.  

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  • Konig Myth


  • Sizing & Specs

    The Myth is a premium styled split 5-spoke design that offers a unique PCD and multi-axis spoke machining around the PCD.  The Myth is offered in Gloss Black, Gloss Black with Red Tinted clearcoat and Gloss Black with Blue Tinted clearcoat.  Available in 16×7.5, 17×8, 18×8 and 19×8.5

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