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Nate Hamilton recaps Formula Drift New Jersey


FORMULA DRIFT WALL, NJ – PRO 1 Round 4 | June 2 and 3

Photos by: @coreydenomy

Whats going on everyone, Nate Hamilton here! Today I am writing about my experience from Wall Stadium, in New Jersey.

Coming from the Pro2 class, this track was not on our 2016 Pro2 schedule.. with that being said, I’m especially excited to get behind the wheel. This track is one of my favorites, purely for the wall riding and gnarly bank drop into the infield also the sweeping outer lines, this track is challenging but rewarding once you get it.

Thursday’s practice ended stronger than it started. Right from the start, I realized I had the “wall” section figured out, but my timing on the lower infield section was slightly behind the curve of the others.

Our team is always looking for grip. Bub Robarge is always saying “It’s easy to take grip out, but a challenge to find it.” Thursday’s practice we swapped spring rates, made a gear change, and went thru our rebound setting on the BC Racing Coilovers.

After our adjustments and a full day of practice, we are moving in the right direction and I feel ready for qualifying.

Being that this is a Konig Blog. ha, I’m going to give a quick shoutout to my dude, Scott Weiss. We signed on with Konig in 2016 and he has been right there if we needed anything. I just wanted to say it was awesome to see you at the event, thanks again Scott and I’m excited for the projects ahead.

Game Time: Friday’s qualification!

Run #1 = 87
Run #2 = 81

Friday morning I felt good vibes and I knew the goal for qualifying, My first run.. the judges gave me an 87! I found the wall and lost another bash bar and my infield section was committed. I felt that was a fair score.
The 87 put me in 13th position.

the Top32 bracket was released, I would battle Pat Goodin in the Top32.

Next, Top16 opening ceremonies. Out of 4 rounds, this would be my 3rd consecutive Top16. Making my mom proud and sh*t, haha!  

This is a personal best, I appreciate everyone’s support as you reach out and cheer me on, I can’t thank you enough. More to come, we are building and getting stronger each race.

Next, I would battle Kristaps Bluss. For the record, it’s our second time to battle and I really don’t want him to win again. lol

Kristaps Bluss Wins! haha, I ended the battle on the first turn, dang! The front end pushed as I recall getting back into the throttle just a hair late. Bummer, I took myself out. Lesson learned and moving forward!

Wrecking and losing a battle is never how you want to end the race. But we took home some positives. My personal best qualifying score with 13th. Also, my 3rd Top16 in row this season, just missing Long Beach.

We are halfway through the season and an update on my current point standings are… 

Round 1: 22nd – Top32 Finish
Round 2: 20th – Top16 Finish
Round 3: 17th – Top16 Finish
Round 4: 16th – Top16 Finish
Round 5:
Round 6:
Round 7:
Round 8:

Alright, thanks for reading. I’m headed back to the shop, time to fix the car and start getting ready for Canada!
Thanks again to everyone making this happen: Enjuku Racing/ Hankook Tires/ BC Racing/ Competition Clutch/ Vibrant Performance/ Konig Wheels/ Formula Drift/ Molly Water Co./ HJC motorsports/ Alpinestars and the entire crew and crews family!