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Nate Hamilton & Enjuku team ready FDNJ!

Everytime we go out to any motorsport event its always impressive to see the behind the scenes. How much work it actually takes to run a program and to get a vehicle dialed in for competition is beyond impressive. More then that it is something that as an enthusiast you loose thought of because you’re only able to see the final show.

Watching the Enjuku Racing team is certainly no exception. So first lets give you a glimpse into what that actually looks like. On first sight you can literally feel the energy and intensity as everyone is working hard on the car in the final moments before the practice session starts. Right before the start of practice, walking into the Enjuku tent, the cars are clean, already race ready, setup with fresh tires and all fueled up. Hamilton is suited and moments away from jumping into the car to start the long process off tweaking the cars.

Over the next 5 hours all of the FD drivers would get maybe 10-12 runs give or take. At first, after runs the cars would end up back in the pits having changes made. Changing out gear sets, swapping tires, adjusting suspension, adjusting tire pressures and occasionally taking a quick break to hydrate up and have a quick conversation with team members and spotters about the strategy of how to attack that given track.

To be honest, its incredible to watch how dialed Nate and the Enjuku Racing crew are able to become in just a short amount of time. But by the end of the day on Thursday, the car looked ready, Nate had great lines and was looking aggressive and confident.

Friday’s qualifying proved to be no different. Nate’s First qualifying run was an 87, which would be his highest run. That score was solid enough to place him 13th and positioned to square off against Pat Goodin today in the top 32! We wish Nate and all of the Enjuku Racing team the best of luck. Make sure to tune in today on Youtube (NETWORK A account) or Formula Drift Live Page to watch Hamilton take on Goodin at 1:30pm EST!