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Lawrence Takes Top Honors FDTX!


Formula Drift texas

Formula Drift Pro 2 Podium Filled By Konig Drivers:

The last and final round [Round 4] of Formula Drift Pro 2 was insane! Starting the Top 16 there were 5 Konig Sponsored drivers ready to throw down and claim a win. Kevin Lawrence, Matt Vankirk, Travis Reeder, Alec Robbins and Donovan Brockway all had qualified and were ready to battle in top 16.  

Brockway, Reeder and Matt VanKirk did not advance to the Great 8, only Kevin Lawrence of Enjuku Racing and Alec Robbins of Koruworks has advanced on.  That is where this story takes an interesting turn.  Going into #FDTX Matt Vankirk and Travis Reeder were the Formula Drift Pro 2 series top point holders.  Kevin Lawrence, who won Round 1 in Orlando and was the top point holder going into Round 2, went into Texas ranked 5th.  

At the start of the day if you tried to think about how Lawrence could even potentially reclaim the series you would have to have a “perfect storm” the way the event would play out.  Essentially Konig drivers Matt Vankirk and Travis Reeder, both top point holders, would have to lose their first matches in Top 16 or not qualify.  Then Kevin Lawrence would also have to win (his second event for the season) in Texas.  Clearly this isn’t something you could ever plan for.

Going into the Great 8, with both Reeder and Matt Vankirk not advancing, the stage for Lawrence was set.  There was still a ton of work to do, and clearly while the thought may have occurred somewhere in the back of Kevin’s head, he couldn’t let that occupy his thoughts!  But round after round, Lawrence proved he meant business.  In the Great 8 Kevin defeated Gyorgy, then Saxsmith in the Top 4 and Finally Jaeger in the Final Battle to win his 2nd event of the season and become the 2017 Formula Drift Pro 2 Champion by only 2 points!  

Congratulations to Kevin Lawrence on his INCREDIBLE win  at FD Texas and becoming the 2017 Champ!  Also a big congratulations to Travis Reeder and Matt Vankirk.  They were standing on the season podium right next to Kevin Lawrence as they took 2nd and 3rd respectively.  It was a great honor to be involved and a small part of these driver’s programs.  Having all 3 spots of the podium filled with Konig sponsored drivers is a real honor for us.  These driver’s and their teams work so hard all year long to maintain and run these programs and we thank them for their support!

Stay tuned for exciting recaps from all of our sponsored Formula Drift drivers including Nate Hamilton, who still has the last and final round to head too for Formula Drift Pro in Irwindale, CA!

Kevin Lawrence

Kevin is running Konig Hypergrams in 17×9 et 25mm front and 18×9.5 et 25 rear.
The Konig Hypergram is Flow Formed.

Travis Reeder
Travis is running Konig Ultraforms in 17×9 et 25mm front and 18×9 et 25 rear.
The Konig Ultraform is Flow Formed.

Matt Vankirk
Matt is running Konig Hypergrams in 17×9 et 25mm front and 18×9.5 et 25 rear.
The Konig Hypergram is Flow Formed.