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Konig Ampliform 2018 release


  • Konig Ampliform


  • The first introduction of the Ampliform was at SEMA 2017 and to our excitement the feedback was amazing.  With its mesh inspired look, the Ampliform was built for most popular FWD, RWD, and AWD vehicles. There are applications for everything from Euro tuning cars like BMW, VW, Audi, etc, to avid race/drift performance vehicles and most popular vehicles that are looking for something that will turn heads on the street and stand strong on the track! The Ampliform is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping early March of this year!
  • The Ampliform is constructed utilizing Flow Forming Technology making the wheel much lighter & stronger than traditional cast designs.  Making the Ampliform an ideal choice on the track or on the streets!
  • For projected weights and more detailed specs on the wheel, feel free click the link below!    
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For more information on Flow Forming Technology wheels and how that process happens, check out our tech article: What is Flow Forming Technology?