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Behind the Build Episode 6 – Kevin Lawrence Pro S14

THE FINAL PIECES of Kevin Lawrence’s S14 build fall into place and the Formula Drift competition chassis is up and running. With the testing days scheduled right around the corner, the crew loads up the cars for a last minute dyno trip! Making sure everything is ready to hit the track becomes top priority.  After running into some issues on their first dyno attempt, Kevin and the crew at Enjuku Racing then have to make another trip back to the dyno on the day before testing to finalize the car.

Shout out to Kevin Lawrence and all the crew over at Enjuku racing.  Always ready to go!

Kevin Lawrence and Nate Hamilton run Konig Hypergram wheels in 17×9 front and 18×9.5 rear.  The Hypergram is a lightweight wheel from the Konig Flow Formed line up.