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Adam Knapik Recaps Formula Drift Seattle!


FORMULA DRIFT SEATTLE – PRO 2 Round 3 | August 4th and 5th

Round 3 of the Formula Drift Pro2 series was held in Evergreen Speedway, located in Monroe Washington. This track has a massive high speed 5/8th mile banked right hand turn, and immediately follows into an infield that has a slower technical portion that has two outer clipping zones and two inner clipping points. I had never been to Evergreen but have only heard great things about it, so me, and the whole teams excitement was high to be testing our abilities there.
The drive up to Washington from Southern California was effortless, but that’s where our good fortune stopped. Come Thursday’s practice we where met with constant challenges and issues.

For this round we had installed a supercharger system, as we knew that we would need more power than the back up stock LS2 that we had in the car. With this new system on our car came some hurdles that we didn’t foresee. Because the long bank puts so much stress on the motor, and then coming off the bank unloads just as much, we where having issues with our serpentine belt snapping. Since the belt controls the water pump and power steering as well, when that belt goes, you looks everything. On our third practice run we hit some more bad luck. Our belt had snapped, and the slave cylinder o-ring had failed. We got the car back to the pits and noticed that when the belt snapped, it had also hit the wiring to the fans and not just cut the wiring, but had pulled it out of the fans. . The team scrambled like champs though. In no time the car was in the air, the front end was disassembled to get to the fans so that we could re-solder the wiring, changed the belt, and the transmission was out so we could replace the o-ring. We got the car back out for some practice runs, but on our 2nd lap the belt tensioner actually broke past the “stopper” and the pulley seized up. Again we brought it back to the pits and started working away. Right away one of the guys hopped into the truck to run over to a parts store to get another belt and tensioner. Unfortunately all local stores where out, and the closest store was 20 minutes away. And as luck would have it we where due to run our qualifying runs in about 15 minutes. We did what we could with what we had. We popped the tensioner back over, realigned the pulleys, threw on a new belt (that luckily Jeff Jones was nice enough to lend us), and lined up to qualify!

First run I put 2 tires off on the first infield outer “touch and go”, scoring a 61, and on the second run the belt had had enough, and snapped when I was coming off the bank. Down on power because the blower was no longer working, and with no power steering I was almost able to finish off the run, but unfortunately straighten at the very end, giving us a 0.

The score landed us just outside the top 16 in 18th place. The weekend was a tough one for us, but everyone worked great as a team, we learned alot, and can’t wait for the final round in Texas!

Adam Knapik is a Konig Sponsored Professional Drift driver that competes in Formula Drift Pro 2 Series. Adam drifts on Konig Rennforms in 18×9 et 23 all the way around. The Konig Rennform is Flow Formed.

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